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The brief.

Helping innovators build and run complex payment flows and user experiences with minimum pain.

PCI compliance? Tick. Agent registration? Tick. Card processor integration and setup? Tick and so it goes. Weavr’s technology enables innovators to access all of Weavr’s payment capabilities while avoiding these heavy security and compliance obligations simply by keeping the access and activities of the innovator’s code out of the perimeter or scope of the relevant regulations.

The result.

A team of Front-End developers were assigned to this project. Their main responsibilty was to develop the innovator and administrator portals.

Weavr, a new startup in the field of payments and virtual cards, wanted a team of Front-End developers with an eye for detail which able to develop web apps with utmost importance on the User Experience (UX).

Having developers from our side with great experience in the field and using the latest cutting-edge technologies proved vital. The need was to develop such web apps that felt very fast and provide immediate feedback to the end-users make sure that weavr's client gets to know immediately that they can trust weavr's technology.

The team is responsible for the development of both the admin and innovator portals.


Our clients say
it best.

Threls Ltd is a valued and trusted partner of Weavr. We've been working with the Threls developers for over a year, and they are solely responsible for the development front-end of our payments platform. Threls always put client relationships first, and go above and beyond to deliver what the customer needs.

— Adrian Mizzi

Technologies Used.

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