Find out what it is like to work here.

Our Mission

We build robust solutions for a lighter world.

We provide an alternative to the traditional (and to the boring). Working at Threls is not your usual job, but an experience full of different realities, coffee samples, laughter and the occasional table tennis tournament. OK, we’re lying. The table tennis tournaments are constant.

Our core values


We invest in each individual and will align your career development path with our work to ensure you get the utmost from your experience with Threls. It is very clear to us that education is key in order to continue specialising and excelling in your field.


You will be given the opportunity to provide your input and personal touch to every project.

The Coffee Strategy

Although we truly believe in a principle-based approach, we are not obsessed with a task-oriented culture and you will be free to integrate in our corse values which eventually deliver solutions.

Culture and perks!

Our perks are part of a casual company culture that inspires our employees to work better wherever they are.

Rest assured that we will provide you with the latest technology needed to enable you to flourish.
Work-life balance (and we mean it!)
We offer all employees various opportunities which will ensure your wellness and an increased appetite towards what we do.
Creativity hub
We have a comfortable, vivid and welcoming working environment, located at a very central location, which our team can easily call their second home.
At Threls, our culture is guided by mutual respect, transparency and a general strive towards excellence.
Remote working
We offer the possibility to work remotely, irrespective of where you reside.
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